Handlepole Blowsion Billet Adjustable Yam Kaw Rickter Octane


Blowsion billet aluminum adjustabe handlepole. Fits Yamaha Super Jet, Kawasaki JS750, Kawasaki SXR800, Polaris Octane and Rickter. Available with Black or Silver ends with silver, black or blue tubes. Extra strong design with 6060-T6 aluminum tubes.


Requires Blowsion OVP (over the pivot) steering system, Blowsion fat bars and Turbulator chin pad to complete installation.

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Blowsion billet aluminum adjustable handlepole. Available in black or silver ends with silver, black or blue tubes. In development for over 2 years the Blowsion billet aluminum handlepole was tested by the worlds top racers, freeriders and freestylers. This product is the definition of a team effort.


Constructed entirely of billet aluminum. Includes Blowsions exclusive lightweight dual honeycomb shaped center extrusion. This handlepole allows for ease of length adjustability on both ends as well as superior clamping strength.


03-04-236     Handlepole black ends w/ black tubes

03-04-237     Handlepole black ends w/ silver tubes

03-04-238     Handlepole black ends w/ blue tubes

03-04-242     Handlepole silver ends w/ black tubes

03-04-243     Handlepole silver ends w/ silver tubes

03-04-244     Handlepole silver ends w/ blue tubes


03-05-085     OVP steering system – black

03-05-086     OVP steering system – silver


04-01-307     Chin pad black base w/ white graphic

04-01-308     Chin pad black base w/ blue graphic

04-01-300     Chin pad white base w/ black graphic

04-01-302     Chin pad white base w/ blue graphic


03-05-146     Handlebars 1 1/8″ riser 28″ wide – black

03-05-148     Handlebars 1 1/8″ 4 degree 25.5″ wide – black

03-05-145     Handlebars 1 1/8″ straight 25.5″ wide – black


Other colors available as a special order item for handlepoles and chin pads. Please contact Pro-Tec to find out what other colors are available. (951)698-8988 or [email protected]


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 28 in
Blowsion Billet Adjustable Handlepole

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