Blowsion Hood Strap Kit – Brap Strap – Stand Up Watercraft


Blowsion Brap strap hood strap kit. Fits Yamaha Super Jet, FX-1, Kawasaki SXR800, JS750SXi and Polaris Octane. Replace stock latch assembly. Mounting hardware and installation instructions included.


Blowsion Brap strap hood strap kit. Strap and secure your hood to avoid accidental dislodging during races and while performing tricks. Cinchable strap tension means you pre-load strap holding power.


For FX-1 riders this item has become the ultimate solution for replacing the front hood latch that unfortuanately tends to fall off while riding and is no longer available to purchase from Yamaha.


Note: Do not over tighten Brap strap as it could damage hood. Blowsion 04-04-301 hood strap kit is recommended to be used with the Brap strap as a backup in case the Brap strap were to release.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs