Billet Engine Keeper Set – Kawasaki SXR800


Blowsion Kawasaki engine keeper set. Tired of expensive and excessive motor mount failure in your SXR800? Blowsion engine keepers prevent excessive movement of the engine while still allowing for normal movement of the engine mounts. Improves engine mount life and prevents drive couplers from seperating.

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Designed in conjunction with and tested by Pro Freeriders Joe Kenny and Darin “Air” Anderson. The Blowsion engine keepers (“Kenny Keepers”) are a must have item for any hardcore racer, surf rider or flat water invert artist. Each set includes a left & right keeper and necessary mounting hardware. This uniquie close tolerance design prevents the front, “top heavy” weight of the engine from being flexed or thrown forward during aggressive riding or inverted tricks. This item is excellent insurance against ever having to replace expensive engine mounts that fail from too much engine movement.


Fits all years of the Kawasaki SXR800.


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Weight 2 lbs