Yamaha Super Jet Moflow Intake Grate - Black or Silver

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Every year personal watercraft are more powerful and efficient on the water. Even with the modern design of today's hulls, there is still much room for improvement. One way to upgrade the handling of your Yamaha watercraft is to bolt on a Pro-Tec Moflow intake grate. This item will fit 1990-2017 Yamaha Super Jets.

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The research and development engineers at Pro-Tec have spent countless hours testing various intake grate designs for the Yamaha Super Jet 650 / 701 hull while developing the Moflow intake grate. To improve the performance of the Yamaha Super Jet, Pro-Tec considers the many dynamics of water flow across the bottom of the hull and intake grate to produce the best possible intake grate available. Intake grate shape, and fit are all necessary for proper function and optimum performance from an intake grate. The Pro-Tec Yamaha Super Jet Moflow intake grate will improve handling, improve acceleration and reduce porpoising without sacrificing top speed. Handling and porpoising are improved by the scoop grate design to keep the bow of the hull planted in the water. Planting the bow of the hull into the water provides better and more precise cornering allowing you to go faster through the corners resulting in lower lap times and more success on the race course. Better handling also reduces rider fatigue allowing you to go faster for a longer period of time. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional racer, amateur free rider or weekend recreational rider, a Pro-Tec Super Jet Moflow intake grate will improve the performance of your boat and increase the fun factor for you.


All Pro-Tec Moflow intake grates are cast from A319 aluminum and heat treated for maximum strength. The 11-212MA Super Jet intake grate is powder coated silver and the 11-212MF Super Jet intake grate is powder coated black. Powder coating the intake grate provides corrosion protection and a long lasting professional finish. For the ultimate in performance it is recommended to use a Pro-Tec performance ride plate and Moflow intake grate together. This combination will improve handling, reduce porpoising, improve acceleration, reduce jet pump cavitation and improve rough water hook up. The Pro-Tec Yamaha Super Jet 650 / 701 performance ride plate and Moflow intake grate have been used to win multiple National Championships and World Championships. Some of the riders who have won Championships while using a Pro-Tec Super Jet ride plate and Moflow intake grate are Chris MacClugagge, Victor Sheldon, Brent Flambures, Rob Flores, Mike Yellich, Tera Laho, Jim Goodchild, Lisa Barsby, Ricky Sneddon, Topher Baretto, Paul Del Rosario and many others.


Pro-Tec Moflow intake grates are also available for many other Yamaha personal watercraft and offer the same performance benefits as our Super Jet intake grate. Pro-Tec Yamaha Moflow intake grates are available for the following models of Yamaha Wave Runners. All Pro-Tec Moflow intake grates are powder coated silver unless noted then they are powder coated black.


11-212MA     Yamaha Super Jet 650 / 701                                   11-212MF     Yamaha Super Jet 650 / 701 (black)


11-216MA     Yamaha Wave Blaster 701                                      11-219MA     Yamaha FX-1 701


11-222MA     Yamaha Wave Raider 1100                                     11-222MA     Yamaha Wave Venture 1100


11-222MA     Yamaha GP1200                                                        11-222MA     Yamaha Wave Runner XL1200


11-222MA     Yamaha Wave Runner XL700                                  11-222MF     Yamaha Wave Raider 1100 (black)


11-222MF     Yamaha Wave Venture 1100 (black)                        11-222MF     Yamaha GP1200 (black)


11-222MF     Yamaha Wave Runner XL1200 (black)                   11-222MF     Yamaha Wave Runner XL700 (black)


11-223MA     Yamaha Wave Blaster II 760                                     11-225MA     Yamaha Wave Raider 701


11-225MA     Yamaha Wave Venture 701                                       11-225MA     Yamaha Wave Raider 760


11-225MA     Yamaha Wave Runner GP760                                  11-225MA     Yamaha Wave Runner GP800


11-225MA     Yamaha Wave Blaster 800                                         11-225MF     Yamaha Wave Raider 701 (black)


11-225MF     Yamaha Wave Venture 701 (black)                           11-225MF     Yamaha Wave Raider 760 (black)


11-225MF     Yamaha Wave Runner GP760 (black)                      11-225MF     Yamaha Wave Runner GP800 (black)


11-225MF     Yamaha Wave Blaster 800 (black)                             11-226MF     Yamaha Wave Runner XL800 (black)


11-226MF     Yamaha Wave Runner XL1200LTD (black)              11-226MF     Yamaha Wave Runner SUV1200 (black)


11-226MF     Yamaha Wave Runner XLT800 (black)                      11-226MF     Yamaha Wave Runner XLT1200 (black)




Besides the Pro-Tec Moflow intake grates Pro-Tec also offers a line of open style intake grates for some Yamaha Wave Runner models. The open intake grates are an improvement over the stock intake grate but do not offer the same type of rough water hook up as the Moflow intake grate line.


11-212D     Yamaha Super Jet 650 / 701 (yellow)                         11-212I      Yamaha Super Jet 650 / 701 (pink)


11-212K     Yamaha Super Jet 650 / 701 (purple)                         11-215A     Yamaha Wave Runner VXR 650 (aluminum)


11-215I      Yamaha Wave Runner VXR 650 (pink)                        11-216A     Yamaha Wave Blaster 701 (aluminum)


11-216K     Yamaha Wave Blaster 701 (purple)                             11-216A     Yamaha Wave Blaster II 760 (aluminum)


11-216K     Yamaha Wave Blaster II 760 (purple)


If you have never used a Pro-Tec product in the past rest assured that we take every precaution to make sure that every item we manufacture meets or exceeds the performance of the original equipment part you are replacing. We do not make “generic” one type fits all products. Every item that we develop is developed and tested on the specific model it was designed for. During our testing we set specific parameters that must be met or exceeded before we bring an item to market. If the item we are developing does not meet our specific parameters that item will be scrapped and we move on to the next item. Once we have developed and item that meets our standards we will do a small production run so we can re-test a production unit. Once the production unit is tested and verified that it meets our performance standards then and only then will we bring it to market so you can enjoy the rewards of our hard work and dedication to improving the performance of your Yamaha personal watercraft.


Get more flow with a Pro-Tec Moflow intake grate.


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